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Breaking Up Is Hard to Shoe

6 Mar


Is breaking up hard to do? Maybe the time right after a break-up is the harder part. I took my Isabel Marant Rea chain sandals out for some cheering up; they were pretty bummed because they recently called things off a with a really immature piece of, I mean, pair of shoes… some Bruno Magli loafers, go figure. Things started off as a friendship, then transitioned into an off-and-on several year (way too) long relationship, that is now finally off for good. We all know how it goes trying to cheer up friends after a major break-up… we can probably recall the hours of conversation supporting the position that the right decision was made to call things off, the pep talks encouraging them to get out of bed and stop being a mope, the attempts to orchestrate some sort of distraction to snap ’em out of the funk, and the hopes that while your out and about nothing by Adele or Kelly Clarkson plays on the radio to remind them of ‘somebody’ that they used to know.

After a while of sulking around, my Rea sandals finally understood that their exes were just too young, too dumb to realize that “they should have bought us flowers and held our hands, should have gave all their hours when they had the chance. Take us to every party cause all we wanted to do is dance…” And now my shoes are dancing. And they’re dancing with me! Bruno M., sorry cookie, but the shoe has sailed. No one said breaking up is easy, but after some time, it isn’t as hard to shoe as it seems.