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Shoeglie Eyed

23 Feb


Is it rude to stare? If it’s at our shoes, then it should be ok.. Or is it? I walked into Kate Spade and was repeatedly complimented on my Black Zara Pumps with Lucite Heels. I thanked the friendly sales associate, oh sorry, “brand specialist,” multiple times and continued shopping. My shoes were getting a little antsy and impatient, and I had to ask them what the matter was since we love this store. They said that girl who complimented them was still staring really hard and it was making them uncomfortable. What? I told them it should be taken as a compliment. That’s when they reminded me of how we all feel when a girl or a guy gives us the unwanted come-hither, “Don’t you want me baby” stare or the Creepy McCreeperson “I’m too sexy for my shirt” look.. Yeah, I guess it’s not uncommon to give the person we’re with the conspicuous cue: looking over to where Mr. or Ms. Googlie Eyes is, then immediately to the nearest exit, eyebrows raised, with a slight tilt of the head, silently indicating “Let’s blow this popsicle stand, if know what I mean.” Ok, I got it, the girl is Shoeglie Eyed; but really, did we have to go?