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Savoring Some Much Needed R & R

19 Feb


What’s great about a three-day weekend? One more day off from work where we can do whatever we want, or nothing at all. This President’s Day weekend, I chose to catch up on some much-needed rest and relaxation. I savored my weekend, which was spent mostly in bed and on the coach with my boyfriend and doggies reading books and blogs and watching movies and sports. On President’s Day, we opted to get Thai massages at Pho-Siam Thai Spa in Los Angeles. For $50.00 per hour, a little lady will knead, massage, and stretch out every muscles that will leave a previously tense body feeling like a noodle. For those who have never experienced a Thai massage, the relaxation usually comes after, and not so much during, the massage. Once we stepped into the quiet room at Pho-Siam and changed into a potato sack pair of shorts with no drawstring, our masseuse gets to work, and so do we… The pieces of fabric that hang from the ceiling of the rooms are not decoration, they are used for the masseuse to grab on to, for maneuvering purposes, while stepping on your back and limbs. The masseuse use their elbows, forearms, hands and feet, and they step, crawl, pull, and push setting the experience apart from other massage techniques that in comparison, make a Swedish massage feel like a gentle rub. After the massage, the stress in my upper back and shoulders felt alleviated and tension in areas that are usually neglected like glutes, inner thighs and hamstrings were stomped away, literally. To May from Pho-Siam Tha Spa I say Kob Koon ka (thank you) again.