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Wow Brow! Raving about Zooey Van Jones

16 Feb



If eyes are the windows of our souls, what are our brows? They must be the shutters, or the curtains, depending on if we’re looking from the outside in or the inside out… either way, they’re pretty important. Brows frame not only our eyes, but also our face, making everything look symmetrical and balanced. After years of over-plucking, over-waxing, over-threading, I learned to stay true to my brows and their natural shape. This meant finding trustworthy professionals that understand that when it comes to brows, missteps of over-anything can cost years of trying to correct botched jobs and possibly waiting for regrowth that may never ever happen. At Zooey Van Jones Brow Studio in Old Town Pasadena (, a salon that specializes in full natural brows, all of the brow artists understand this philosophy and instead of completely trying to refashion our arches, they take time to listen to clients and also take the time to make recommendations, give explanations, and offer unique instructions on how to keeping brows looking great everyday. Mandy, my most recent artist was exceptionally helpful, giving me tips on how to comb my brows, how to fill them in, and how to maintain the shape with simple “clean-up techniques.” I appreciated the personal advise from Mandy, who didn’t suggest coming back every month, which makes one visit last several months (or more).

The products that I purchase from the studio that work great for me are the Vanity Mark Ultra Brow Powder in Blondie ( and the Tweezerman Brow Mousse ( These rave worthy products keep me brows full and groomed and at times, they are the only products I use. Even on those usual sans make-up days, my brows would be the only thing I don’t leave home without styling. I’ve said goodbye to those days of the super thin brow and said hello to the modern and bold Wow Brow.