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For Sweethearts Who Savor Sour Hearts

14 Feb



What does Valentine’s Day usually entail for a girl or guy with a sweet tooth? Some crave worthy candy, that’s what! One of my favorites are in the form of Jelly Belly petite sour hearts. Luckily for me, I have an amazing and uber generous friend with a cravy love for candy as great as mine, Bananniekins, who gives me so many of these little chewy and perfectly textured tiny bites of joy that I have to beg her to ration her generosity. This is because these things are so addicting and irresistible, that some one with poor self control may find one’s self staring at the bottom of an empty bag with a tummy full of little hearts. These pink, red and white sour candies in berry flavors are available in limited quantities in obscure candy shops every year around Valentine’s Day. I swear we need a secret password to find these shops, then a secret handshake to get some one at the shop to tell us that they are available for purchase. Every time I try to buy them at The Sweet Factory, they are always sold out. That means they are that popular or people like Bannanniekins hoard pounds of the stock allotted for the general public and allow only a special few to partake in the allotment. Although I crave these petite sour hearts all year long, I am able to savor them around this time thanks one of the sweetest girls I know. Rose are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and these sour hearts are too! Happy Valentine’s Day!