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Craving Fortune Cookies

10 Feb

fortune cookie

Is getting a good fortune in a cookie just as rewarding as eating the fortune cookie? I have always loved fortune cookies (the way the look, the way they taste, the way they make me feel: happy) and have always looked forward to having them after a meal at a Chinese restaurant or while strolling though China Town in San Francisco. When I was a little girl, my parents would open their cookie to see their fortune and allow me to eat their cookies or at least half of theirs. I would give them the small white paper that was inside since it appeared that they were more excited about what my fortune said than the tasty treat that it came in. Yay, more for me! I was just going to end up throwing away the small piece of paper with the one-line phrase and lucky numbers. My mom or dad would stash the fortune in their purse of pocket and hope that those numbers really were lucky and the phrase indeed came true since who has ever gotten a bad fortune in their cookie? That’s if it really was a fortune and not a statement like “People are naturally attracted to you” or a suggestion like “You are a an artistic person – let your colors show.” Now, when my family and I go to Chinese restaurants, my dad would have to request from the server that every one at the table get two cookies so that every one can eat their own cookie and the others can be pushed my way.

Fortune Cookies are always a happy experiences, no matter if we prefer eating the cookie or receiving the fortune; Well, unless on a rare occasion Mr. or Mrs. cookie-maker forgot to slip the fortune in or it fell out some how, then that’s a bummer. Today is Chinese New Year and it is officially the year of the snake, which get a bad wrap in my opinion, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be a great one. Since I’m sharing my fortune cookie cravings I will also share my fortunes: May we live long and prosperous lives and may success come to our plans. Happy New Year!