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Craving Tutti Gelati

8 Feb

Tutti Gelati

Doesn’t the word gelato sound so much more appetizing than ice cream? When I recently went to Tuttil Gelati in Old Town Pasadena, I got a scoop of coffee gelato and a scoop of hazelnut gelato in a sugar cone and learned that gelati is plural for gelato. That means two scoops qualifies as officially having gelati. After many times of passing by this place and finally trying it, I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back once the craving kicks. We can’t ever go wrong with having this dessert after dinner, or on a warm sunny day, or at a birthday party, or as a bribe for children to eat all their food (which would mean we get some too). Actually, the time is always right, even when it’s wrong… like after a bad breakup, when we’re sick, even after a failed bribe when children don’t eat all their food. Doesn’t it seem like ice cream is the universal problem solver and is usually associated with happy times regardless if it’s of the Italian kind or straight from a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? It’s like the taste of it adds to an already blissful occasion or wipes away all of the problems of the world, even for just a split second. Ok, are our mouthes watering yet? Now’s the time to check the freezer and see if there’s any pistachio gelato waiting to satisfy our taste buds.