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Favoring The Style Of Carrie Bradshaw

6 Feb


Do you have Sex And The City withdrawals like I do? I’m typically non-committal to television series and there are only a handful of shows that I have actually watched besides the occasional onesie twosies, but I was (ok, I am) addicted to Carrie Bradshaw’s closet like no other. Well, maybe like all of the other people with “Carrie fever,” but I’d still like to think I’m different. I was late to jump on the bandwagon and mainly watched the series on DVD, but after a few hits of some episodes, the episode watching turned into a marathon, then a ritual, then I became a full blown SATC junkie. I couldn’t get my fill of the outfits, the bags, the accessories, the dresses, the coats, the New York street style, and the shoes of Carrie, a character who in addition to her closet, I remain infatuated with. It didn’t matter that Carrie was fictional; to me, her fashion sense was real, and the high that I received after each binge episode was definitely real. Carrie’s outfits (not from the Carrie Diaries, but from the original SATC) will forever remain an inspiration, which is probably a nice term to disguise my obsession. Fine, I’ll admit it, my compulsion. Who am I kidding? My name is Sarah and I’m a Carrieholic.