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Savoring The Experience of Diving in Hawaii

30 Jan




Have you ever had a dream about flying? Scuba diving has been the closest I have ever gotten to experience that weightless feeling of moving freely through space, not through air like in my dreams, but through water. Diving is one of my favorite things to do, and each dive is an amazing and unique experience that I will never forget. While in Hawaii, I had the opportunity to go scuba diving with Lacey, the really sweet and attentive dive instructor of Pearl Harbor Divers. Our first dive of the day was the YO-257 shipwreck located off Oahu on the south shore. Lacie guided me around and through the inside of the sunken ship, and we were able to see nudibranchs (sea slugs) and several different types of fish, starfish, urchins and two submarines that passed by. Our second dive was a short at a reef, where we encountered four different types of eel, a blow fish, an octopus in a crevice of the ocean floor, two giant turtles, and several other creatures that I wouldn’t be able to name, one (pictured) that Lacey, who dives every day, has never even seen before (nor have I of course). I was feeling cold on the second dive despite my full body wetsuit, but every turn there was something really cool to see; I am so glad that I withstood the cold. The experience was incredible, and I savored every moment.