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Craving Lette Macarons

19 Jan


What is all this hype about macarons? That’s what I asked before I received a gift from my work out buddy and friend, Ro, who gifted two dozen to me from Lette Macarons. I discovered that there is a location in Pasadena. The Box reads: “Lette macarons are freshly made by hand in our Beverly Hills bakery. Their vivid colors represent the natural essences that infuse the ganache filling of these festive almond cookies. Each of our macarons has its own personality – and all of them made to savour for their delicacy and unique character. Enjoy!” And enjoy I did! My favorites were the butterscotch macarons (but since I didn’t purchase them, I’m only guessing they were butterscotch because that’s what they tasted like); however, I can’t say I did’t enjoy any flavor I had. While eating these Lette macarons, I figured out exactly what all the hype was about…