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Favoring The Style And Versatility Of Emma Stone

17 Jan


Why can some people pull of some things that others can’t? In my opinion, one main reason is that when you act the part, you look the part. Emma Stone definitely knows how to act the part, and lately, she’s been pulling off show stopping looks that I didn’t know she had in her. I recently watched Gangster Squad and ES plays the love interest of Sean Penn AND Ryan Gosling’s characters. I’ve always been a fan of ES since I first saw her in the laugh-out-loud movie Superbad. Since then, she’s made me laugh some more as Skeeter in the Help, she’s made me cry when I watched her in the Amazing Spiderman, and she has captivated me with her style on the red carpet, which she has been appearing on so often since she’s in Blockbuster hit after Blockbuster hit. Her style is so feminine on the red carpet, but so relaxed in casual settings. When it comes to fashion, just like her performances in movies, Emma nails it. She is so versatile when it comes to her roles and her attire, she can look so many parts. She can pull of red hair or go blond (love the blond), pull of nerdy, sultry, sexy… I am excited to see Emma Stone’s successes as she appears in more ads and movies, that will mean she’ll have more photos of herself and her style for me to favor.