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Dim Sum Mania

16 Jan


What always good for brunch? Dim Sum and you know it! Over the weekend, a group of us went to Hong Kong Lounge in San Francisco at the suggestion of my beautiful Taiwanese Barbie connection, Bananniekins. You can’t be in SF and not eat dim sum, that’s gotta be against the law. But don’t take my word for it. Also, don’t ever let me order for the table, you won’t ever have enough space for all the dishes. Actually what table? When all the food came, I couldn’t even see it anymore, it was completely covered. I’m glad that one of us in the group can speak Mandarin (not I, although, I am attempting to learn) as in my experience, English can be limiting in the best and most authentic dim sum restaurants. Now; however, there are paper menus that can be fill out by writing the quantity next to what you would like to order. After handing the completed menu to the server, some one almost always comes back to ask us, “Are you sure every one can eat all this? Food is too much for you.” When this is said, this person has obviously never met me or my friends… Some of the highlights of the meal include the sliced fish porridge, vegetables and mushrooms in noodle roll, stuffed eggplant, Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, shrimp and chives dumpling, shrimp in noodle roll, steamed special clam, shrimp dumplings, clams with black bean sauce and my favorite desserts: sponge cake, steamed custard buns, fried sesame balls, and sweet tofu. My stomach is growling right now just writing this post. Thank you dim sum for being invented, my life wouldn’t be the same without you.