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Time to Get Crackin’

11 Jan


Have you ever put yourself in a food coma? I ate an entire crab at PPQ Dungeness Island in San Francisco for dinner along with shared shrimp spring roles, papaya salad and garlic noodles while eating dinner with my boyfriend and Mommy. I flew into my hometown, San Francisco, today. After hearing good news at SF City Hall during a Commission Hearing regarding a project we have worked on for several years, we were all craving crab and crab we had! I put on my bib, which says, “Time to get crackin’!” and I cracked away until there was nothing left on the plate but the congealed garlic butter in that the crab was marinating in. Although I am in a slight food coma at the moment, we had great reason to celebrate. Now, we can start cracking away at completing our project.