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Craving Father’s Office

8 Jan


Have you ever watched that Seinfeld episode of the Soup Nazi? Well, it reminds me a little of Father’s Office, where you can’t ask for any food modifications or substitutions. You better like the food the way it comes, or you’re not getting any. I really like the food, so if any one asks, I’m not complaining. Just please don’t tell any one I sneak in Ketchup because they don’t have any (they make their own sauces)… I don’t want FO banning me from eating at its establishments. I had lunch at FO with the bf and our designer, Jane, after browsing HD Buttercup, which is right next door. Known for their beer and burgers, I go there for their organic beet salad. This beet salad with walnuts, blue cheese, and a light dressing is something totally unexpected from a Gastropub restaurant and is sooooo good. We shared the Beau Soleil Oysters and in addition to the salad, I had the seasoned mushrooms, organic Brussels sprouts (one of the Daily Food Specials), and stole a few fries from my bf’s order, which he had with his burger. I usually never drink soda, but I ordered a bottle of Yup, which is a lemon lime soda with all natural ingredients. I’ve been to both FO locations; however, I prefer the more upscale ambiance of the FO in Culver City with the outdoor seating area and since it’s more spacious than the Santa Monica location, you don’t to hover over some one’s table to jockey for positioning in the usually crowded pub. One day, we asked about why the chef was so particular. We were told that he takes pride in the quality of food and the preparation, and basically that’s just the way they roll.