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Fringe Benefits

5 Jan


What is a fringe benefit? Well, if you ask my booties, they are the feature that make me want to wear them. For date night at the movies (we watched Django, the acting was second to none), I wore my Betsey Johnson Ziah Booties. These booties have proved to be pretty reliable and comfortable to walk in. They have already mentioned to me that I should show some appreciation to them by wearing them more often since they are so cool and trendy, listing other qualities like being perfect to wear with jeans or dresses. It was kind of funny that I was sitting there with my shoes trying to barter a deal on how often to wear them. It was like a job interview or promotion review about what fringe benefits or perks to expect from a company. It does seem like there is a negotiation on what you can bring to the table to warrant extra pay, health and dental insurance, vacation time, 401k package, extra flexibility at work, or car and gas allowance. It’s always an awkward situation trying to sell one’s self or one’s abilities. So, I made a deal with these booties to have them in a more frequent rotation. It’s always a great feeling to be recognized for your qualities, and if that equates to fringe benefits from your employer, its more money to boot. In my case, it’s more money for boots…