Very Forshoenate

31 Dec


What should I be celebrating this new year? I have been on the slopes of Heavenly Ski Resort for the last few days and looking at the beauty of where I am reminds me of how life should be celebrated. On the mountain, I can’t help but reflect on so much that I am thankful for. It seems like another year just flew by… I am looking forward to ringing in the new year and celebrating it here with my boyfriend. I have been snowboarding in my new White and Charcoal Grey Snake Print Nike Vapen Boots, which I have been told by fellow boarders are “so sick.” The ski conditions are awesome, and have really been enjoying the Cartel bindings and 149 Burton Feelgood Flying V demo board I rented. Even though I usually just ride the groomed blue (easy-intermediate) trails, I realized, new boots and updated equipment make a world of difference. I am; however, breaking in the boots as we speak and it always takes a while for the boot to mold to my foot. They are an upgrade from my Thirty Two Boas that I had for the last several seasons prior, which I liked because I didn’t have to deal with tying laces. I just couldn’t resist these 2013 Nikes with the look and feel of a tennis shoe when I was due to replace my old board boots. I am happy with my new Vapens, happy on the slopes here in South Lake Tahoe, and despite the cold that has been making my hands and feet feel numb like they are going to freezing off, I consider myself very fortunate to be enjoying this time. Happy 2013! I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one.

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