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Oh My Avocado Goodness

26 Dec


Have your ever had a bowl of avocado goodness? I love having cereal in the mornings, but sometimes, I crave a bowl of a sliced up avocado sprinkled with a little sugar and soy milk. And that is what avocado goodness is, and if you haven’t already, you have to try it. It’s probably a healthier alternative to most other breakfast options and nice change to the normally used avocado in typical savory dishes. If I’m on the go, I’ll blend this (with or without some ice), maybe add some protein powder depending on the day, and I have a morning avocado shake. People who saw me with this in the mornings would always ask what the green stuff was in my magic bullet cup. I learned of this recipe as a kid from my mom, who tried to find ways to make sure I finished my food, which I often didn’t. I wasn’t allowed to leave the dining table without finishing my food as a child, so I learned tricks to shovel food into my napkin. After my parents had learned of me throwing my wrapped-up-in a napkin food in the trash, I resulted in throwing it out the window into my neighbor’s backyard. I actually can’t believe my neighbor never told my parents. After cleaning up all of this random food in napkins, she probably figured these silly kids next door were trying to feed her dog. My poor neighbor’s chihuahua, Ricky, had a sensitive stomach. As you can probably tell, those days of trying to avoid having to eat are very much over. Nowadays, you can’t keep me away from food.