Style Favorite: Miranda Kerr

19 Dec

miranda kerr

Can you believe how fast models get back into shape after having children? It’s amazing. I guess, if looking beautiful is your job, than you don’t really have a choice in the matter. Whatever Miranda Kerr did after giving birth and whatever she is doing now, she is looking better than ever! She is my absolute favorite Angel, and her style is super cute, just as she is. I think everything surrounding her in her life is adorable: her baby, her Yorkie Frankie, Orlando Bloom, the list goes on. Miranda’s style is simple, classic, but she mixes in really great pieces that stand out like funky boots (those Isabel Marant Berry Boots she’s in are to die for), a great bag, or a cool hat. She can basically pull of any pair of shorts, which she is often wearing, with those long, prefect legs. Even though she stole Orlando Bloom from me (only kidding), I love her girl next door look, her fashionable street style, and could never get tired of looking at her.

One Response to “Style Favorite: Miranda Kerr”

  1. iAd (InsanityAfterDark Show) January 5, 2013 at 6:41 pm #

    Loved this and following hoping you do the same thing. Ms Kerr is Gorgeous

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