Wild For Wildfox Couture

14 Dec


Don’t you just love when T-shirts feel as good as they look? My Wildfox Couture t-shirts and sweaters are super comfy cozy to wear to bed, but cute enough to wear putting around town or even on a casual date night out. Wildfox is one of my favorite brands for graphic tees and sweatshirts. I wear this brand all the time, just ask my boyfriend. The over-sized, white Capricorn tee that says “I’ll do your homework” under the astrology sign was one of my first Wildfox purchases a few years ago and is still in constant rotation. With simple graphics like a giant heart, stars, and varsity numbers, to fun native-themed prints, skeleton bones, and printed phrases like “Wild Child,” you can’t help but fall in love with the unique designs and uber soft fabrics. The brand has a very free spirit vibe and the prints take me back to my days as a kid. The unicorn, tiger, and vampire smiley face shirts remind me of the types of stickers I would put on everything I owned (or didn’t, which I wasn’t supposed to do but did anyway). Since their clothes are distressed or made to look vintage, it’s a perfect combo of cutesy and trendy. I know I’m raving on and on about Wildfox, but I loved the brand more after reading about its creators, two best friends who inspire each other. Check out more styles from their website: Wildfoxcouture.com. If the prices aren’t in your budget, just wait until a store or site has a sale, Wildfox’s stuff never gets old.

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