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Pumped Up Kicks

7 Dec

IM Bobby

Who would have thought sneakers would be one of my favorite shoes to wear (when not working out)? It’s casual Fridays at work, TGIF. I am wearing my favorite Isabel Marant Bobby Wedged Sneakers. They have the comfort of a sneaker, but give you the height of a high heel, which lengthens your legs and makes you feel like a million bucks.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get them for a steal, which I would have loved, but I did end up making a friend with a sales person at Barneys, RJ, which is almost as good and I’ll tell you why. When I first walked in to the Barneys at the Americana in Glendale, I saw that they had one pair that some one returned in black, which I tried on. I already had a pair of wedged sneakers in black, so I couldn’t justify buying another pair in the same color. I was already eying the white pair that I saw on some of my favorite celebs, but the store didn’t have this sold out color in this style. RJ, a really cool, really fashionable guy, who always dresses in layers despite the hottest of days, was able to find the last pair in the entire company in my size and sent them to my house. Immediately, we bonded. After a few more visits to the store where I purchased some good finds (yes, at discounts), RJ was able to get a feel of the brands I liked, and what he thought I might be interested in. I also informed him of my how I love taking advantage of things that go on sale. Now, RJ will not only text me pics of products of new things that the store gets in of my favorite brands so I don’t have to waste a trip, he will give me the heads up on all of the items that will go on sale, before they do, and he will hold them for me. I was able to purchase the Phillip Lim Pashli Bag in Nude (yes, last one) for $529 from $895 and used a $100 Barneys Gift Card that was from another Promo Deal that he informed me about. In addition to this bag purchase, I bought the Étoile Isabel Marant Jacquard Sweater (last on in 36) and Itzel Corduroys (sold out), both of which were also on super sale.

Besides looking super cute, IM’s Bobby introduced me to a new BFF, RJ, and that new BFF introduced me to a new favorite t-shirt brand, ATM. Go into your favorite stores, and start making friends! You are bound to save in the long run.