Shoe Blue, Baby I Love You

5 Dec

shoe blue

Have you ever been so infatuated with a shoe, that you will think about it years later and kicked yourself for not buying it? Well, the great thing is, with today’s market and technology, there is an ability to find something that is no longer in stores through online stores and bidding sites, like Ebay.

I’m at work on this Hump Day and I am wearing a pair of high heel blue patent leather Gucci loafers. I actually didn’t buy them years ago, when they were for sale at Gucci and when I had the chance. I did at that time; however, purchase them in gray. It turns out I really wanted the blue pair and regretted that I ever purchased the gray instead of the blue. After obsessing over this blue pump, I went on my trusty Ebay account and began my search. Of course it wasn’t easy and it took me many, many searches of “blue patent leather Gucci pump” or a combination of a few or more of those search words and several filters. I finally found them in my size after a few months of checking on if any one had listed a pair. I bargained with the seller to sell them for lower than the listing price. The original retail price on these babies was probably upwards of $600. I got them at (in my opinion) a great deal: $150.00. These pumps are perfect for work and I paid a lot less than I would have initially. The gray ones got the shaft (I really just sold them on Ebay). After all my searching, I found my true, blue shoe love.

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