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Craving Tasty To Go

2 Dec

tastytogotasty to go2

Have you ever talked about a craving that made you sound like a crazy person? I was told by my best friend, Dreams, that when I told her about Tasty To Go, I sounded like a lunatic. Well, if I’m crave crazy, than call me Cravy. I’m Cravy for Tasty To Go, the best snow I’ve ever known.

I took Dreams and her husband, who were visiting from Las Vegas, to let them in on what all the fuss was about. We had a double dinner date at BJ’s in Pasadena and before watching 007, I recommended we get some shaved ice. We drove to Tasty To Go in Arcadia and ordered the strawberry, mango, pudding with caramel, and new strawberry snow flavors. This dessert consists of fine shaved ice with a combination of the following side toppings: fruit, ice cream, mochi, boba, red bean, caramel, chocolate and pudding. I don’t think I could name a favorite flavor, each flavor is so delicious. It’s nice to go with friends and share a few in order to taste a variety of flavors. We didn’t just taste four different flavors, we annihilated them. We all went Cravy!