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These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

30 Nov

JC rain boots

Have your shoes ever told you what a fool you are? Like when they’re screaming at you at the end of the night that “these shoes aren’t made for walking!” Well, sometimes, conditions dictate what shoes you should or should not be wearing; however, in my case, my shoes do the talking.

It’s raining today in usually sunny Pasadena. The pair of shoes that pretty much demanded that I put them on today are my rain boots by Jeffrey Campbell. They were given to me by my brother and have served me well through out the years. They are a cream, rubber, cowboy style boot with a green sole and are covered in skulls and roses. Yeah, I don’t usually hear of those either… In addition to looking super rad and getting more compliments than I ever do in a day, they keep my feet completely dry. Not to mention, they work well in snowy weather because there’s traction on the sole; you’re not slipping around. These boots are definitely made for walkin’, so today, we’ll be singin’ in the rain.

Craving Japon Bistro and Pink Boba

30 Nov

Craving Japon Bistro and Pink Boba
Pink Boba

Who loves Japanese food and Pink Boba? I do!

Tonight I had dinner at Japon Bistro in Pasadena. I ordered the house salad, shrimp dumplings, yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno, California hand roll on soy paper and cold soba noodles. Any one who loves Japanese food will not be disappointed while dining at this restaurant. I also hear they have a great sake selection.

After dinner, I skipped dessert at the restaurant and drove down Colorado to Au 79 Tea Express to get my most beloved Boba Drink. It’s not just any Boba drink, the tapioca balls are pink. Whatever magical ingredients in the pink tapioca balls that are different from the regular tapioca balls really set them apart, making this the best boba drink I’ve ever had. I crave it constantly. I usually order the Honey Green (Soy) Milk Tea with Pink Boba, with half of the normal quantity of both the boba and honey, with a ratio of 90% green tea to 10% soy milk. I also request that they don’t blend the ice. I know, I’m a little particular and sometimes it gets confusing, but it always turns out perfect. Not to mention, they always ask if the drinks need any adjustments. This boba is so good that I can no longer order boba from anywhere else. Yes, it has pretty much ruined any desire to ever order regular boba again. There are 2 other Au 79 locations close by, one in Arcadia and one in San Gabriel (both are open later than the Pasadena location, in case of any late night cravings). So if one location runs out of pink boba, which happens occasionally, there are two others not too far away. Like the sleeves on their cups say: “I HEART AU 79,” I’m sure you will too.